Ceniza is a work rooted in the forest fires that devastated over one hundred thousand hectares of Spain during the autumn of 2012. I chose to photograph the shapes and prints left behind, their aesthetic resonating with the pictorial tradition of our collective imagination. The sublimation of the landscape, dissociated from the dramatic event, disrupts the viewer’s usual perception. Drawings made with the ashes of the trees create a link between the idealisation of nature and the brutal reality of the fire. Carried out during the massive demonstrations against the austerity plan of the Spanish government, Ceniza testifies to the transformations that affect the land and questions our relationship to the environment, its resources and its balance.

Auto edition
40 pages . 24 x 18 cm . impression numérique
10 editions

Festival Shoot Quinzaine Photographique, Chamonix, 2016
Galerie des comptoirs arlésiens de la jeune photographie, 2014
Mois de la Photo Off, Paris, 2014
Kyotographies KG+, Fujiha Togei Nobori-Gama, Kyoto, 2014
Rencontres Internationales de la Photographies, Arles, 2013