vue d'exposition makuake


After a few steps, I climb to see the interior of the temple. It is a place in which the visitor cannot enter but he is allowed to see – as through the eyepiece of the camera. The eye takes time to get used to it, but slowly begins to draw the outlines of a scene. Makuake in Japanese means the dawn, the rise of the curtain. Realized in Kyoto, this work is akin to a fragmentary stroll through a city where timelessness and everyday life mingle. The photographic medium helps me to grasp the clues of an invisible spiritual world. The large format camera requires a long observation time. To reconnect at daytime with the experience of the darkness of night, I use a photopaper as negative. An image of the city then emerges from the shadows and its reflections. This process, with its long exposure time, allows me to assert my positioning in space and to engage in a silent conversation with natural elements, humans or animals.

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Galerie itinérante Santo Amor, Paris, 20.01 au 10.03 2017
Discovery Award, Festival Encontros Da Imagem, Braga, 2015
Experiences Kyoto, Institut Français du Kansaï, Kyoto, 2014
Antenna Media Gallery, Kyoto, 2014
Retours d’ailleurs, Galerie Arena, Arles, 2014